How to Care for Your Sphynx Cat


Adopting a cat is a lot more than an expense, gift, or however a lot of people may look at it. It’s a very important responsibility because your Sphynx depends on you to take care of it. Not to just merely keep it alive, but healthy as well, and happy. If you aren’t up to the task, then it’s best for the sake of the animal not to adopt. If you are up to the task, though, then you’re in for an absolutely wonderful experience.

coolSphynxJust like any living thing it’s important to feed your cat, but it’s actually not recommended to simply keep their food dish full. It’s a mistake that many people make, and it could cause your cat eat itself into a weight that’s simply unhealthy for it. You not only want to do thorough research on the food you’re feeding your cat to ensure that it’s getting all of the nutrients it needs but more importantly, you need to know your cat’s weight. Once you get your cat’s weight, you’ll usually be able to get a precise measurement of the food you should give your cat every meal to keep you from over-feeding it.

Sphynx cats are a very intelligent breed, and that’s why they are a particularly picky breed when it comes to keeping their litter box clean. Hygiene is almost as important to them as it is to us you certainly wouldn’t want to use a dirty restroom, but unfortunately, a Sphynx isn’t intelligent enough to clean it their self.

Something more unique to the Sphynx though is their lack of fur. As a result, it’s best to keep your Sphynx as an indoor cat rather than an outdoor cat as it’s a lot more sensitive to the weather. Not only do they need the indoors to stay warm, but since they don’t have fur they can also get sunburnt which will make them absolutely miserable.

One thing that’s important, but many people both don’t do and don’t know to do is to brush their cat’s teeth. Their teeth are one of their most important tools next to their claws. Without them, they simply couldn’t survive especially since they wouldn’t be able to eat. Just because they have their teeth doesn’t mean they’re taken care of you don’t want your animal to be in severe pain throughout their life because of poor dental hygiene. It may sound a little silly, but if possible even just once a week is better than not at all.

Their dental hygiene isn’t the only kind of hygiene that’s important, though. Just like us, cats need to take a bath every once in a while. A Sphynx cat has their skin exposed a lot more to the elements than a normal cat and needs to be cleaned properly to ensure they don’t get any sort of skin infection or irritation. You aren’t required to give them a bath every single day, but it is at least recommended to do so once a week.

With these fine tips, you’ll be able to raise a sphynx cat happily as a very content member of your family!

Sphynx Cat Personalities


Sphynx cat personalitiesFor those who have ever owned a cat, they know that all cats have a personality to them similar to people. In the case of cats, it can be more typical depending on the breed of cat they are in particular. Due to that, people are always wondering what the personality of a particular breed of cat they may have to contend with while adopting. When dealing with a sphynx cat, you definitely won’t be disappointed in the least.

Likely because they are almost entirely hairless, Sphynx cats are known for being very cuddly cats. You certainly won’t mind that attention they give you in return by cuddling up with you every day. Perfect for those who are home a lot, and enjoy either taking naps on the couch or laying back to relax after a long day of hard work. They love it because warm spots are their natural domain.

You’ll find them around the house curling up on top of just about anything that generates a bit of warmth such as your electronics. It can be unfortunate for some owners for their cat to be laying on top of their monitor, and other belongings throughout the day, but luckily they don’t really shed any fur.

If you’re used to visiting other people such as friends, or family who also own cats you’ll know that quite a few of them can be very shy. As soon as someone walks into your home, the cat can be nowhere to be found. In the case of some cats, they’ll disappear for the whole day, and it can be quite worrisome.

With a sphynx cat, you won’t have that sort of problem. They’re very well known to approach strangers with seemingly no concern what so ever. When either friends or family walk through the door, your Sphynx cat will be one of the first to greet them in a friendly manner.

It’s not a complete mystery since Sphynx cats are also quite the active breed. As a playful as they are, whenever they have the energy they’re likely to spend it. They’re agile, and will keep you as busy as the time you have available. It’s wise to teach them how to fetch as well as play with many other toys to help keep them preoccupied. The exercise is good for them, and will help ensure they stay healthy for a long time.

It won’t be hard to teach them anything standard as they are little geniuses. Anyone who’s owned one will tell you that they’re almost too smart for their own good. Well, sometimes they are not so smart. Once, my cat ran right into the shiny sliding glass window right after the window cleaners came the day before. Their intelligence makes taking care of them easy and makes them an easy pet to adopt, and bond with.

The rest of their personality is all dependent on how their owner raises them just like any other pet. It can be said that adopting a Sphynx is more than worth it. If they’re cared for correctly, they’ll make a great addition to your home as another member of your family.


History of The Sphynx Cat


History of The Sphynx Cat

There are a vast number of people out there today who absolutely love cats. Those who know a fair amount about them and the various breeds also know what a sphynx cat is almost immediately. They’re not the most popular, but they are indeed very unique, and very well loved cats. So it makes you curious, what is the history behind this particular breed?

To start out with, the defining characteristic that makes this breed so unique is the fact that it’s mostly hairless. Those who’d spot one from a distance would claim that it’s completely hairless with various patterns on their skin. The reality of it, and what’s commonly misconstrued, is that just because a cat is hairless doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a Sphynx cat.

It’s important to point out because if you look through historical findings, you’ll see that hairless cats have been spotted long before the breed we know as the Sphynx cat was officially named. The true origin of the lovely breed known as the Sphynx cat began in the equally lovely country Canada.

More specifically a cat was born in Ontario almost precisely fifty years ago to this day that was almost completely hairless. Due to its visual characteristics, the owner, therefore, named the cat “Prune” as it was born in 1966. As you could imagine, people were naturally confused by this development. Not only because cats aren’t abundantly hairless, but neither the parents as well as the rest of the litter were hairless too.

Again, it wasn’t the first hairless cat to ever be spotted, but it wasn’t due to any defect, or dangerous disease. It was, in fact, it was all in the cat’s genes, and the cat was able to live a fully normal life. As more started to sprout up into existence a decade later, in the same manner, specialists determined that this breed was new, and was definitely going to stick around. It’s certainly not a bad thing in any way, and fifty years later there are many people out there who own Sphynx cats and love them just as a member of the family.

Although it’s not labeled as a defection, there are many people out there who are also considered professionals that refuse to accept them. It’s because once you bring it down to a certain level, it can only be personal speculation that determines for an individual if the mutation in the cat’s genes is a defect, or a new breed.

Can these possibly be the same cats that history has mentioned time, and time again coming back into the light? We can never quite be one hundred percent sure, but the breed we have today is the definitive sphynx cat.

One thing that can be said for certain is that the wonderful sphynx cat isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Personally, I’m glad the breed has been established, and that they’re around today. They make for wonderful pets that any true cat lover could enjoy spending their time with.

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